Lucky fellas

And here I am, staring foolishly at this lady. It amazes me some times, how my emotions are mostly laid back (guarded) when it comes to a lot of issues of life (making me seem indifferent) but how quickly it lights up whenever there’s a sense of wonder (like that is the only potent stimulant for my emotions).

OK, now back to me staring foolishly; a young adult was making shots on the basketball court, from all directions but what made me assume the foolish countenance on the outside was the fact that she lacked the means of missing…

So I wondered why chance or luck favoured some people better than others. I smiled as always (life had brought me something to think about) I walked on with this thought in mind only to be inturrupted by a bump on my head which was followed by the words “I didn’t miss” (suggesting it was intentional). The bump was caused by a basketball. As the owner of the ball approached from an appreciable distance, I couldn’t help but notice how little-a-boy he was, he got closer and instead of apologizing for the pain caused, he rather went a step further and said; “Sorry for interrupting your thoughts, but what about thinking do you think makes you get answers to questions you don’t know? Anyway, there’s nothing like chance…” He followed that with a smile, then I knew exactly who he (the little boy) was…

What man calls chance is merely the absence of his knowledge on a particular parameter underlining the final event he sees. The mere fact there are laws in this universe prevents what man calls chance. If you get to know all the parameters concerning a particular event, you can repeat it over and over again and the results will remain the same. Considering the basketball case, shooting through the hoop is the final event, if I’m able to calculate all the parameters responsible for the event, like the wind speed, direction, mass of the ball, the distance between the hoop and me etc. I can make that shot over and over again!

Are you telling me the young lady is a better calculator then? You can say that, but she did her calculations in a different way, you see, she has been practicing and that has helped her build trust in the parameters concerning that sport. Like a little child who keeps repeating the multiplication table, she has come to know the solutions by heart, jumping the steps required for calculations.

And that’s how it is with people we refer to as professionals they have trained their bodies over and over again so much that it’s getting closer and closer to the very laws that pertain to their respective games. The closer they get, the more talented they seem to us (observers) because their very being is getting in line with the laws!

The lucky fellas are those getting closer to the laws at work and as they get closer they get to first understand and second use the laws in their favour…

The laws are absolute and to beat it, you must first know this…

~Lucky fellas~

Eye not eyes

There are days that I think so hard about life and existence until the numinous finally has pity on me and says hi to me. Immediately after that, all issues of life become of little or no interest to me because I know I’m not really in control

There are other days that I feel ordinary, on such days I feel everything is in my control even though I know how limited I am; I believe in what my senses detect because they are mostly at their best around such times. It also happens to be the day that anxiety and fear normally materialize and keep me company.

Today is one of the ordinary days and like always, I’m aware I will be hosting my two pals (anxiety and fear) soon…

I got out and realized the weather wasn’t so bad, the almighty sun was hiding behind some clouds. I decided to use that opportunity to stare at the skies in order to see if I could get something interesting to talk about with my two friends when they arrive (no one really likes a boring host)

So I lifted my head, and saw the birds flying in the sky, it was so beautiful. However, I noticed something else with in that beauty; different birds flew at different levels in the sky and yet it seemed to me that the sky was still their overall limit no matter how high they flew (how high can high really be?). I also noticed one thing about me, no matter how sharp I thought my eyes had become, the sky still remained the limit for my sense of sight too (how sharp can my sharpest eyes really be?).

And as I pondered on this, the almighty sun reminded me that it can’t stay hidden for long. It’s rays hit me warmly on my forehead, and with dashing speed as that of my very neurons, they relayed a very simple message to me…

Boy, after the sky, there is no limit (the sky can’t really be the limit). You are limited if you only see what you can see but you become unlimited when you get to know what He sees. Oh yeah, there is a He who sees and He sees it all because He sits above everything (Most High). It will interest you to know that there are actually no limits for those who know and see what they can’t see!

Make sure you see beyond the sky and before you ask how, remember you just heard me from beyond the sky without technically hearing. Your senses are quite good for what lies below the sky but how good are they for the vastness beyond the skies?

So with joy, I carried myself home and waited patiently for my guests to show up, knowing I wasn’t going to be boring today. But they never showed! (can this really be an ordinary day without my pals?)

Ordinary days still can’t quench my thirst!

~eye not eyes~

Breath of Life…

I looked closely at this vessel of mine through the eyes of my mirror. And what I saw was a boy responding to my will. I exhaled and the mirror’s eye became clouded as a result of my breath. This occurrence was enough to take me through memory lane, to a time when I first learnt that, when my warm breath hits the cold mirror it steams up, and that could even be used as an indication that I am alive.

Is life then a Breath? As some of the Holy Writs claim? I wondered to myself…

It was as though the mirror could read my mind, because right after that, it’s eyes refused to to show me my vessel; the old man became the image I saw and he immediately spoke to me.

Boy, don’t be alarmed at what you are seeing, know that the eyes are of no use if the heart can’t see. Today your heart has done well to make you see, but you must try to understand as well!

If I were the only thing that had life and nothing else existed but me; if I decide to make some thing else have life, I would only have to take a part of me and put it in whatever that thing is, so it can experience what life is through what I gave out. After all, I AM that Alone which has Life and all other things only get to experience Life (Me) because I’m truly what life is to them!

All other things will turn back into sand, for what is living isn’t the body but that which lives within it. And that which lives within it isn’t itself living but lives because of that which really Lives. If life is possible, then it’s only because of the one who truly Lives.

~breathe of life

My future is now

As today ends, I gladly await tomorrow yet I wake up only to face today again and never tomorrow! Oh I’m rooted like a tree in today! I can’t go backwards nor forward because those realms only exist merely as thoughts to me here in today!

Time is passing and with it is everything else, be it: yesterday, today and hopefully tomorrow. But tomorrow never comes!

I have searched for tomorrow and never found it. Even though my very good friend called Procrastination keeps telling me how wonderful and favourable his homeland is, and how great it will be for me to carry out all my tasks there, I never truly get there.

However, one thing I have realized now through this quest is that; today is the only vehicle that carries me through time. And if there is indeed a tomorrow, I only get to experience it as today. For the very moment I step my foot in to tomorrow, it becomes a today!

Oh today, you are my future…

So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today.

~my future is now

So Random

A million pieces of me on the floor but left to this understanding of mine alone, I can’t put them back together. This time the key lies beyond me and all that I have understood so far…

I was in my head and started asking myself questions. After a while, I paused and wondered why I was doing that. Do I really think “I” know something I do not know? Or do I do this by default because that is nature’s way of assuring me that there’s something far greater in me than me?

I came out of my head briefly for some air because I was drowning in my thoughts.
That was when I saw a man, just like me but much older and doing things I could only dream of. So I drew closer to him, he smiled and said, “Finally, you notice me. I know all your thoughts because I’m ahead of you, but today you only get to ask me one question without thinking for your thoughts have worn you out”. So I spoke, and it was like one of those ‘what-did-I-just-say’ moments when your words bypass your thoughts. The words that my ears picked up from me as my lips took up different shapes were, ‘What am I gonna do with all this future?’.

“Good question”, he said, just look at me because as I look at you now, you are everything I did with my past!

~So Random

The Creeps

It was a lovely day, just like all the days before it. I looked with in me and everything was the same; my “friend” was still where I had kept him, so I smiled and walked on…

On my way, I saw a girl, beautiful as the arrangement of the nine letters themselves. However, that wasn’t what got my attention because to me, there is beauty in everything else! She stared me in the face for a while, moved on to my chest and smiled; right then I knew she could see through me and that really got me unsettled…

As if that wasn’t enough, she run through a wall right in front of me. Instantly, that feat of hers gave me the creeps! not because it was amazing or unbelievable to me but because deep with in me was an impenetrable wall safely guarding my heart…

Oh, this is trouble!

~The Creeps~

Full Counter

Nature’s Full Counter… Can you really hurt nature?

Yesterday, I was taken over by a deep sleep. It was so deep that I wondered why it happened. After all I wasn’t that exhausted when I went to bed. However, the interesting bit was how it only took the soft touch of a hand to awake me from this deep sleep.

I opened my eyes and stared him in the face. It was no other but the old man. He said, “follow me”. So I did as he said, dragging myself along till we ended up in the hall. There, I saw a little boy watching anime. I wondered who he was for there was no such boy in my house. I drew closer only to find out that he looked just like me and it seemed he hadn’t even noticed us.

I then looked at the old man for answers. He smiled and said, “that is the child in you”. What?, I was very confident I had awoken from my bed and hence my sleep too, but what was really going on?. The old man interrupted my thoughts with his words… “Stop over thinking, I awoke you in your dreams just to make you conscious in here. I didn’t do this feat so as to leave you amazed but to show you something that child in you has been trying to communicate to you for some time now. Sit down and watch what he is watching.”

I sat down and realized he was actually watching Nanatsu no Taizai (the seven deadly sins) one of my favourite Japanese animes. It was a scene where the villains had combined all their arsenals and were planning on hitting Meliodas (the hero) with it. One thing they had forgotten was that Meliodas had the ability to use “Full Counter”. Just when their most powerful attack was about ripping Meliodas apart, he used the Full Counter. Right then the anime was paused. And the little boy looked in my direction and smiled, seems he could see me now.

What is Full counter?, the old man asked. To which I quickly responded in harmony with the little boy, Full Counter enables its user to reflect attacks aimed at him back at the enemy, but with more than double the power; therefore, the stronger the opponent’s powers are, the stronger the user’s power becomes. “Well said, with this understanding, I will teach you the Nature’s Full Counter today”, said the old man.

Come and see, he pointed at something on a leaf. We were no longer in the house after he said “come and see”. So I drew closer and realized it was a caterpillar, it had destroyed all the leaves on that plant and it was almost done with the very last leaf. Just then, it was hit with something, something I couldn’t see but only sensed. It became very sluggish afterwards, till a point it could no longer move. Whatever hit it, hit it so hard, it began transforming, first into what we call a pupa and then a beautiful butterfly emerged. Right after it emerged, it started hopping from flower to flower like it had been punished to do that.

Did you understand what just happened?. No sir, I quickly responded. “Give me your hand”, he said. The moment our hands made contact, I understood everything. The foolish caterpillar, had purposed in it’s heart to destroy nature. Just like the villains it had also forgotten about Nature’s Full Counter. Unfortunately, what it had forgotten, hit it back so hard that it had to transform only to payback in multiple folds.

You see boy, the few leaves that the caterpillar destroyed, it had to payback in multiple folds by pollinating a lot of flowers and hence giving rise to a lot more plants! Don’t forget you can’t really hurt nature. You only end up hurting yourself more. Note that, nature here stands for everything with in it too, even your fellow man.

Be wise, for the wise learning this truth, only choose to hit life hard with the best of their goodness and love!

My eyes finally opened and I was back in bed staring at my ceiling and thinking, even though my body had remained in here the whole time, my “mind” had moved me around to gather up information that I needed for my wakefulness…

~ Full Counter


Oh Understanding where at thou?

Life seems to me like a riddle that most people haven’t gotten the answer to and some either don’t care or have given up on the answer altogether.

So I asked Him what the answer to the riddle was. He said Life was more than a riddle but if he is to answer it as one, the answer will be 3,6 and 9. He said no more after this.

So I wondered what this answer could possibly mean to me and the world. And after a while I remembered the words of Lexor Luther; a fictional man as far as life goes – “Some people can read War and Peace and come away thinking it’s a simple adventure story. Others can read the ingredients on a chewing gum wrapper and unlock the secrets of the universe.”

In this scenario I was like “some people” I hadn’t become like “others” yet!
Oh what is making “others” different from “some people”?

When the answer to the riddle is a riddle on its own!

~ Riddling ~

The Moonlit Path

“I’m in the dark but I now see the path lit by the moon”

It was a hot night with no form of electricity in my neighbourhood. Surrounded by darkness I stepped outside to stare at the moon. With so much darkness around me, I realized the only thing I could find easily in times like this was light. All other things, no matter how beautiful, great or marvelous they were, were hidden in the dark.

So I thought of all the things I was missing out on because of perhaps the darkness in me or should I rather say the little light I had. I also considered the very little I had seen so far and had formed all the basis of my existence on because of how dim the light in me was! For out here I see people with candles and some with flash lights and they can only see as far as their source of light allows them! Even though the things in the dark remained the same, they could only see as good as their light was!

Oh what then will be the best light for a man like me to behold all these things hidden in the dark? I wondered…

So I closed my eyes in order to reflect on my thoughts and not too long after that I heard the voice of the old man. I opened my eyes to behold him but to my surprise he was no where to be found. I closed my eyes once more and I heard him say, “Are you satisfied? Just open your eye and you will see the Light has been there way before the darkness!(For the Light shines in the dark and darkness understands it not) How can one see in the dark without light? Oh boy look for the Light first and with it, you can search for and understand all other things”

What is the Light? I quickly asked. To which he answered, “That which will make your eye useful! Stop groping in the dark and find that which will bring life to your eye” I quickly opened my eyes only to behold the moon’s smile and it’s final words, “I’m not the Light I’m only a source of light. The Light itself is a mystery understood by the source and the day you would find and understand this truth for yourself, will be the day you will know the Light and become a source of light too!”

There’s so much to be seen and understood by mankind. Become a source of light and help others see too.

“And those who are wise shall shine like the brightness of the sky above, and those who turn many to righteousness, like the stars forever and ever”

~The moonlit path ~

I got nowhere

I know I haven’t been as silent as I should be lately. I have been quite busy with the issues of life or so I think. And thanks to this newly acquired trait, I haven’t been the effective scribe I ought to be as all I have been hearing from my masters is the the cold sound of silence. So I embraced my pride, for it was the only thing I felt was warm enough to shield me from the cold. And with it I came to believe that I didn’t need them, I could be my own master and write whatever pleases me, after all I can achieve whatever I set my mind to!

So I took out my pen and wrote down all the things that my mind allowed me to. They were so beautiful but whenever I showed it to the world, I realized how transient that beauty was. As transient as a beautiful flower plucked from its tree or like an archer who throws his arrow so skillfully that it attracts all the praises of men but ends up missing the mark! Why is this so? I wondered. And not too long after that, I saw someone signal me with his hand to come over.

When I got there, I was surprised to see the old man, he smiled as always and showed me a cage with a mouse in it. He told me the mouse was a talented runner, infact the fastest of all mice. He then carried the mouse and put it on its treadmill and when it started moving I realized why it was the fastest of them all. I was so impressed by its speed. And as if he read my thoughts, he said to me, don’t be impressed so quickly, watch and learn. He introduced a slice of cheese in front of the treadmill and immediately the mouse increased its speed. Then he introduced another mouse in to the cage and just as the fast mouse saw the other one approach the cheese, it intensified its speed even more. I was totally blown away by its speed but however it was the other mouse that got to eat the cheese

“Boy, what did this cage allow you to see?”, said the old man. I got to see the fastest mouse ever, it is indeed a talented runner. You have seen well, said the old man. This is the fate of all who don’t get to use their talents on the right platform. Like the mouse they are ever running but in fact go nowhere! Everyone sees how talented they are, like you just saw in the mouse, but all that work with their talent never truly pays off. Still wondering why your arrows missed their mark? It’s because you used it on the platform called Pride. And boy, pride is no different from the mouse’s treadmill! (you get to use your talent fully on it but in the end, it doesn’t really take you anywhere)

I quickly let go of my pride and humility came rushing in with the words; “You are just an ordinary boy, however when you are silent enough, you will hear either the little boy or the old man speak. Oh you are but a scribe of the two! So I went back to listening and what I heard, I heard…

I’m nothing by myself.

~I got nowhere~