Way beyond Tony

“I commune with my own heart: and my spirit diligently explores her own hidden world.”

I peer through the curtains called me and I am amazed at what lies beyond it! That which lies beyond it, isn’t the boy that every one sees on the outside but that which thinks and sees itself as the boy…

Tony, Tony, Tony… They called, but I was lost, far gone in thought! I stared through this windscreen of an eye motionlessly and wondered why I should respond to the mentioned name. Am I really Tony? Or have I simply become Tony with time?

I was conceived in a womb and out of the division of cells I was formed. I came into this world, and by a single glance, everyone classified me as a boy because they say I have features that characterize me as such.

My parents knew me not, but since I was theirs, they chose to give me a name(Tony) which I have learnt to respond to over time. They gave a definition to what they didn’t know. However, upon careful observation I have realized I’m not the boy but that which came to accept the boy and the name as his.

I see this in my dog too. As a puppy, I gave it the name Bruno even though I did not know what it really was on the inside, after all it’s mine! But now I wonder if the poor dog is really Bruno because it responds to it’s name or it has become Bruno because I gave it that identity…

What then is this in me that has come to accept Tony as it’s name and self. For just like my parents, I also know it not, as it seems to be currently out of my reach. Do I then forget about it and just go with who the boy called Tony is?

Oh wretched man, who will save me? For I don’t know what I really am(even though I know it’s in there). I have just accepted the identity that was put before me! What I have become now is what I have accepted as this boy. But what lies way beyond this boy are all the wonderful things he is yet to accept, for that which interacts in this world through this boy seems to be alot more powerful than the boy himself. And there’s definitely alot more to become than what he is now!

Man, get to know that which lies with in you and you will be amazed by who you really are!

And even though I don’t yet know and understand that which lies with in, I can however boldly say that, that which lies with in me is way beyond this boy(Tony).

“Man know thyself”.

~Way beyond Tony~


The old man and the little boy

As a scribe, I have done exactly what I am supposed to do. Yes, to put into words the thoughts of the old man and the little boy. But today, instead of being just their pen, I decided to be a pen with a mind. I wondered who these two entities really were and why I should even hear them when I am silent.

The old man decided to break the silence with his words, “Be attentive and hear me son, that you may gain insight”.

Blessed is the one who finds wisdom and the one who gets understanding, for the gain from her is better than the gain from silver and her profit better than gold. She is more precious than jewels and nothing you desire can be compared with her.

… in all thy getting, get understanding. For only understanding can hear the voice of wisdom!

Doesn’t a man become what he has in his heart? Thus, one becomes a lawyer when he studies the law and puts the law in his heart. A very good lawyer is one that has made the law a part of his being! So was my case, when I was a man, I had good and evil in my heart but I sought and found wisdom and understanding, for he who seeks finds. However, these two are very ancient(old) for they were there even before the foundation of the world. And when they formed a part of my being, I became them and was made the old man you see. This is why I seem to know all things for the Creator possessed me at the beginning of his work, for I was the first of his acts old.

The little boy spoke next… “Beloved, listen to the little I have to say”

For by faith we understand that the universe was created by the word of God so that what is seen was made of things that are invisible… Without faith it’s impossible to please him, for whoever would draw near to God must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who seek him.

Love is the golden cord that binds the 10 commandments into one. It’s strong enough to open the human heart so that truth can enter in and cause it to understand. If one is full of love, he doesn’t need commands of any kind!

You see me as a little boy now, but when I was a man, I also had good and evil at heart. Like the old man, I sought and I found. I found faith and love. But what I found could only be received as a little child. And when I laid hold of them, I became the little boy you see. For these two were found sitting on the seat of trust and who else has access to this seat but little children?

Just as the old man knows why things are the way they are, I am the reason for everything and if only you would believe me, you would realize everything is possible with me. For the Creator is always pleased with those who have me.

Love is the force that allows man to go beyond himself and do more than he can offer. Do not marvel because you have seen over and over again that elements are subject to me, for the mighty powers of the world unseen do not give forth their help till men have done their best, they only help when men can do no more(hence love is the key). And this is why I’m obeyed when I speak, for I am love and the Creator is love too…

The old man spoke once more, “You hear us when you are silent because, you, oh scribe! have the heart of a child and the mind of an old man. You have a lot more to hear but your understanding doesn’t yet allow you to hear some of the things I have to say or even see what the little boy has to show”. For this reason, I will leave you with this, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and the knowledge of the Holy one is understanding”.

Go man and know the Holy one for there’s a lot more to be seen or heard from us!

~Thus spoke the old man and the little boy~

NB: This is to all those who wondered who they were. You can now revisit my older posts.

The state of things

I have often wondered what the true state of things was. Like if there’s anything good or bad on its own.

“Come and listen to what I have to say concerning this”, said the old man. Do you not know that everything used for it’s rightful purpose will be good? If you are to consider an axe, you would realize it was made to split or chop wood. So he who uses the axe for it’s purpose does good and that makes the axe a good thing. However, he who wrongly uses the axe for lack of knowledge of it’s proper use e.g. using the axe to kill his fellow man, makes the axe a bad thing by virtue of the evil that is in him. Is the axe then a good or bad thing?

I have something else to show you, come and see… I saw two boys; one was a teetotaler but had the seed of avarice growing in his heart, the other’s heart had the seed of drunkness sprouting in it. I saw money and alcohol (which aren’t bad) on a table not too far from them. The amazing thing was that, even though they both saw the money and alcohol, what they saw had different effects on them. As what was on the outside(money and alcohol) stimulated what was already in their “inside”; to one the urge to get drunk and the other the urge to have all the money to himself. It seemed as though what was on the outside(even though it wasn’t bad) brought up the bad that was inside of them and with that badness, they made the alcohol and money bad things. Imagine we take out those seeds in their hearts, what do you think will be the state of the money and alcohol to these same boys?

Now that you know that things on the outside only bring out the good or bad in our hearts, let’s consider this popular quote then; “To the pure all things are pure”. A careful look at this saying makes it clear that impurity starts with you and not what is on the outside. So the half naked lady you see across the street and blame for your impure thoughts is no different from the alcohol or money on the table. She only brings to light what you have in your heart. For I am pretty sure if you are normal, the same half naked lady wouldn’t have the same effect on you if she happened to be your sister. What changed wasn’t on the outside for it’s the same lady, the difference was in the fact that you knew and believed in your heart that she was your sister and with that, what was on the outside ceased to bring out the same impure thoughts as earlier. Simply because, buried in your heart is a form of purity for your sister.

Oh! seeker of understanding, do you now realize how purity or impurity of your heart changes your perception of what lies on the outside? Stop putting all the blame on what is on the outside and learn to rather let the outside help point out your inward impurities for what is already inside of you is what gets stimulated!

~The state of things~


When I am silent enough, I hear either the old man or the little boy speak. Oh I’m but a scribe of the two…

So I joined the public bus. In there, I got a little time to quiet myself down. I went straight into my pensive mode and wondered why I hadn’t heard from my two masters in a while. For this scribe will have nothing to write about if his masters refuse to speak.

I remained quiet and pensive for awhile but nothing was heard or seen by me. It seemed as though my senses were refusing to acknowledge my masters.

Three stops later, a young lady and her little boy joined us in the bus. They sat right infront of me. The innocence of the boy instantly caught my attention. His gaze was actually fixed on me as he wore a very beautiful smile. His playful nature was adorable and his attempt to speak seemed futile to us, as all that came out was pure gibberish.

He stretched out his hands as though he wanted to come to me. But I kept looking at those beautiful big eyes of his as they kind of gave me a calming effect. He kept silent for a while and his face looked as though he had something to tell me. I wasn’t mistakened, for right after that moment the words that came out of his mouth made sense to me…

He said; “Boy, I have something to show you. But for that to be seen, we will have to travel in time”. Travel through time?, I thought. He quickly demonstrated that he could read my thoughts by responding to what I was thinking… “Is understanding still far from you? Do you not see that, prophecy, the talent of accurately viewing the future wouldn’t be possible if the future did not already exist in some form? You just lack the means to define, describe and harness that form. However what you have to see today is of the past.”

Before I realized, I was staring at myself in my baby cot; oh! the innocent baby I was. The more I stared, the more my infantile heart was made accessible to me. It was through this that I learnt how much my present heart had drifted from what it used to be. How polluted I had become. For I realized I came into this world with so much love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness,faithfulness, gentleness and self control. The so called fruit of the spirit was so natural to me. But somewhere along the line, I got to learn what selfishness was. And with it came along its accompanying pollutants; hate, greed, envy pride, inequality, division, prejudice etc.

I bowed my head in shame for what I had become. Then the little boy spoke once more; “You thought you were moving in life but you have actually gone nowhere for you have become what you should not be”. What do I do now? I asked.

He remained silent and I felt someone grab hold of my right index finger. I opened my eyes and it was the little boy speaking more of his gibberish. Apparently, I had dozed off. The bus came to a stop, the little boy let go of my finger as his mum was getting ready to alight. She turned him over and it was at that very moment I came to the realization that, boldly written at the back of his outfit was the inscription “UNLEARN

~Unlearn ~

Short of the Glory

Boy, listen and write, for I, the old man have a few words to spare…

An electron in the ground state gets excited when it absorbs energy from the outside. It can never get excited on it’s own, no matter how hard it tries…

All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Yes all!. Hence where there is sin, there is a shortage of the glory of God.

But why have all sinned? I inquired. Does your understanding still fail you boy? Don’t you yet see that God created man(Adam) in his image; full of glory. Yet he sinned and fell short of that glory. And in this state he fathered his children; all after his own image. If we assume man’s full glory at a 100% and his fallen state at say a 50%. We realize that, he had all his children after the sin(50% state) hence all men after Adam at their best will be at a 50% and with this, automatically all men have sinned for none can be born of man at 100%(full of glory).

This is why just like the electron, all men born of man can not live up to the full glory on their own. Do you now see that man was initially born of the Spirit of God? And because of this, he was born full of His glory (image of God).

Is this why the Christians have the concept of one being born of the Spirit of God (born again)? Yes for Christ who is the second Adam was born of the Spirit of God. Yes, he is the image of the invisible God and all men are to be like him for man was initially created in the image of God and for that reason the fullness(100%) of man is the image of God which is Christ.

Wait! So are you telling me those born of the Spirit are actually the ones with the fullness of God?. Yes, but these folks can be likened to an old horse that was tethered to a pole from infancy. It becomes so used to the tether that when it’s let loose, it still stands at that very spot it was tied. Till it’s mind is renewed to accept it’s new state, it will still be under bondage.

Oh, “born again man”, be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind… For you still think and operate as though you are at a 50% when you have actually been given an external energy (Holyspirit) to push you back to the 100% glory. Yes, that glory is the true image of God!

Go explore your fullness and become what you truly are.

~Short of the Glory ~

Beyond my senses

Change how the molecules of a substance vibrate or interact and you might just have it transformed into a different state or substance altogether.

Does this mean everything we see is the same thing at a different state of transformation? After all everything is made up of atoms…

If I consider water in the liquid state, I can transform it into two other forms depending on how the molecules vibrate. When I slow down the vibration of the molecules, the more they slow, the more tangible(solid) it becomes. However when I increase the vibrations with say heat, I realize the water tries to escape “reality” by changing into the gaseous state. Hence as the vibratory frequency increases the more ethereal-like the substance becomes and the more energy it gains.

Now this brings me to my next question. Are there things that vibrate so fast that they go beyond the gaseous state? As in beyond what we term as matter i.e. something more difficult to be perceived by my senses (ethereal)?

As a man, what I detect with my senses is what I call reality. But if I consider my eyes, they can only detect things with in the visible light range. However there’s a broader range outside the visible light spectrum where substances appear and behave differently when viewed with them; consider x-rays.

In nature, the butterfly is able to make use of ultraviolet vision and with that, it’s able to detect some patterns and shapes that remain undetectable to the human eye. So how much of reality am I missing out on because of the limits of my senses? And what is the true nature of things? For even chlorophyll which appears green under visible light appears blood red under ultraviolet light. Will I say then, that, the true nature of chlorophyll is green because with my unaided eyes it appears so?

Now it seems to me that all that I have known and learnt as reality, might appear and behave totally different to me when sensed under different conditions.

Is reality really all that I can sense as a man? And if not, what happens to all the things I can’t sense…

~beyond my senses~

The light of understanding

Like the moon, my true light comes from You(Sun) for I can’t produce light on my own. Now that you have set, teach me how to reflect you in this darkness like the moon does…

Light is a beautiful thing. For with it, our eyes see all beautiful things. My eyes are useful only because of this thing that moves at a speed of 3.00×108 m/s and without it, I would have been like any blind man; surrounded by beauty and not being able to behold it.

This light for the eyes is naturally produced by the sun during the day and reflected at night by the moon. But what really is light ?

There’s another light that helps me see without my eyes but with my eye. For this light doesn’t reveal the beauty of things but rather the true nature of things.

Even though things which are seen are temporary, humans are too quick to see with their eyes that they fail to see with their eye. And for this reason, many are not different from blind men; missing the true nature of things.

Understanding is what we get from this light. For it’s with understanding that we get to see the true nature of things. And like the moon when we get this, we are to reflect it in the night for all those who miss the day…

In all thy getting, get understanding!

~The light of understanding ~

Blossoms: A message to men like me

They said, “embrace who you are, Tony”. But who am I? What is there to be embraced when you don’t know “who”? While everyone else was “blossoming”, I on the otherhand just looked at their flowers, wondered what it really was and why I should even have one. For flowers wither too!…

I have been in this world for awhile. Interacted in it with what is known as a boy but lacking an understanding of what it really means. So I decided to look at other men to see if any had made sense out of it….

But what I saw was men abandoning the need to understand and replacing that need with goals (things they should accomplish) for they must do something in this world.

Goals, I have seen make two types of men; the happy and the sad. The happy get to fulfill their goals and the sad get to see others fulfill theirs. So I used this standard to try and ascertain the type of man I am. And with that, I realized I am neither happy nor sad, for my lack of understanding has robbed me of goals. Not that I don’t know what I want or what I can accomplish, but upon thinking really hard on it, I don’t know why I should want or accomplish it!

Even though I haven’t been able to attain the understanding I sought, my gaze at men for answers hasn’t been in vain. Because with it I made the discovery that the pursuit of happiness has made men more concerned about what they are accomplishing than what they are actually becoming…

My next gaze will be upwards.

~Blossoms~ A message to men like me

Free will

“Keep your mind ever on the Heavens, but let your eyes watch over your footsteps lest you fall into a mire by reason of your upward gaze”

In some of my previous posts I created certain details about illusions and reality. Like how light is real and darkness isn’t… I met a few people who didn’t agree with the illusion bit, for everything, they say, is real. Personally, I believe they are right too… How can we both be right then? You may ask… For we are both speaking of two types of truth… Absolute and Relative! they both show one side of the picture.

Absolute truth is defined as things as the mind of God knows them while Relative truth is things as the highest reason of man understands them.

So in the Absolute, if God is the only thing that Is and has always been and He happens to be Light, what then is darkness? Cos as a man in this world, I can’t deny I haven’t seen darkness! Even though I’m fully aware of the absolute truth.

As darkness isn’t a real thing from the perspective of absolute truth, It is real to me in this created world (Relative truth). Why is this so?… Now that I have laid this foundation, allow me to build the mansion on it.

It is so because of FREE WILL; To have a free will, is to have a choice but then in the Absolute, the only thing that Is, is the Creator and there’s nothing besides Him. So for man’s free will to be of use, the Creator had to give man a choice in creation; something other than Himself (but mind you there’s nothing! for its only He that Is). What will be the use of a free will if there is nothing else to choose from?

It is to this reason that there “seems” to be duality in this created world. But the other end of the duality isn’t real, they only seem to be real (I am speaking from the Absolute). Like how they say, “darkness is just the absence of light”. For the real thing in the absolute truth is Light cos that is the trait of the Creator…

It can therefore be seen that, all men who choose anything besides their Creator, have actually choosen nothing, for in reality there’s nothing else to choose from.

Hence the problem of this world is that, man isn’t all knowing but man has a free will. And for the sake of this problem, wise men say, “The best use of the free will is to give it back to the Creator for he is the All knowing one!

With all these said, be mindful of the fact that with the Relative, both natures will feel very real to man, for man is a creation and this dual nature exists in creation for the sake of his free will.

~Free will~


The little boy reached out to me…. Man, watch and listen with your ear of understanding for today I will show and teach you a very ancient language.

So I followed him and tried to do just as he asked. We were on a dry land, very dry that it seemed there was no form of life on it. He stared at me and said, do you see what I see? To which I replied, Yes, nothingness.

He said, well done you see too well… Right after that he said to the dry land, be filled with grass and so was it. We then walked upon the grass and met a lake. Make way lake, and at that, the lake parted and we walked right through it. On the other side of the lake we were welcomed by a very strong wind, but the approaching wind was calmed when he spoke to it. At this point, I was filled with awe, so much that it could be seen in my eyes.

Seeing this, he asked me to sit down. To which I quickly did. There was silence for a while, then he said, were you in awe when I asked you to sit? No, I said, but the three other acts were so awesome!

He shook his head and said, are you aware you are in a created world? And how did all the things in a existence come to be?

The Creator spoke them into being, I said. Great, so you are aware then that every thing in existence can hear, for as you said he spoke them into being… And nothing will be here if it hadn’t heard the Word and understood it. For the Creator chose to create with the Word.

So why are you in awe when the land, lake and wind obey my voice? Aren’t they here because they heard the voice of the Creator in the first place? They are conscious enough to hear…

Why don’t they hear me too when I speak? He was silent for a bit then spoke a strange language to me. You probably didn’t understand what I said even though I spoke words right? But I only said stand up…

So is it for all of creation, they only obey you when you speak the language they understand! Yes the ancient language of the the Creator. The language that calls things that aren’t as though they were….