San; The half-truth of the three

Everyone believes. From everything to nothing. To some, some things are everything to others they are nothing.

Boy, said the old man I have something to tell you, but before that I will have to show you something else. So he showed me two beings: one with x-ray vision and the other had visible light vision. They were both made to look at a dog and report what they saw to me. The one with the x-ray vision’s description was all about bones whiles the other went on and on about the many colours of the dog. Though they both spoke the truth, I could see how they unknowingly saw and understood in parts. The old man had introduced me to the concept of half-truth “Hear my half-truth now scribe. It will be of use not to only those who are in search of it but also those who can hear the voice of wisdom by reason of their understanding”, said the old man.

Every creation, is, because of its creator. It’s always like that, the creation can never be before the creator. However, every well-thought-out creation meets three components of the creator. The Will/Authority of the creator to create it, the Creativity/Power behind its creation and the Image of it in the creator’s mind before it is created!

If you be willing to take it, you will realize the Image can be said to be a creation (the first of all creation) because it is in itself a product of the Will and Creativity. However, like the creator, it is before all creation and the best any creation can be, is the image in the mind of the creator for that is its blueprint.

Now man, with this said, I have only led you to the door. Find the other half of this truth for within it can be found the key to unlock this glorious door. ~San; The half truth of the three~


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